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In the words of Dr Steven Lamm…

"I'd recommend VigRX Plus® to any man that wants to improve their sexual health and performance."

You can have it all with VigRX Plus. Men all over the world, who have struggled with sexual problems, have found solace in VigRX Plus to give them the sexual satisfaction they crave.

VigRX Plus® male enhancement supplement is a natural supplement designed to boost male stamina and sexual strength over time with amazing results.

Here are a few testimonies from some of our VigRX Plus® Customers…
** These testimonials were provided by people who actually used VigRX Plus®. There might be some differences in individual results. Seek the advice of a health care professional or physician before using this product or any supplement. My erect penis has never been fuller, thicker or longer…

After using this product for 3 ½ weeks, there’s been a noticeable improvement in the quality of my erection, as my erect penis is now fuller, thicker and longer and my erections are not only more frequent, my stamina has also increased. My orgasms are more powerful and intense. RUDY GUILLEN, LITTLE CHUTE, ILLINOIS

VigRX Plus has existed for more than 17 years and in all that time, we’ve received countless testimonies from men like you, who’re very happy to share their success stories with us, however, we’ve decided to raise things a notch and get POSITIVE PROOF of the power of VigRX Plus and its powerful effect on male sexual health.

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So we came up with something quite remarkable…

Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. Was contacted to organise the triple blind clinical test on VigRX Plus®. The clinical study lasted for 84 days and featured men suffering from different sexual issues. And the final result was nothing short of amazing.

A triple blind evaluation is one where none of the people involved (including test subjects and researchers) knew the identity of those taking placebo or those taking VigRX Plus.

The plan was to get strong results in these areas:
• Frequency of erection
• Firmness of erection
• Frequency of penetration
• Ability to maintain erection after penetration
• Ability to maintain erection long enough to complete intercourse
• Strength and confidence of erection

The trial was completed in 84 days, and there were assessments on the 28th, 56th and 84th days.

The International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) was used to assess the results.

This particular assessment system has been endorsed the world over and is well respected internationally. It has also proved consistent when it comes to responsiveness to treatment in studies conducted in Europe, Asia and the US.

The men placed on VigRX Plus were completely satisfied with their sexual prowess after 84 days and these can be seen in these results…

Results of Clinical Trial AS Compiled by Vedic Lifesciences

The quote below was obtained from the report compiled by Vedic Lifesciences’s at the conclusion of the clinical trial for VigRX Plus: "... A full 90% of the men who’d taken VigRX Plus® during the clinical trial chose to KEEP TAKING IT once the study was over, they were SO SATISFIED with the results!”

The study revealed that the men placed on VigRX Plus for those twelve weeks recorded significantly better erection function compared to the men on placebo.

The men on VigRX Plus also recorded significantly superior results in other areas of sexual health like orgasmic function, satisfaction, libido and all round sexual performance.

The female partners of most of the subjects endorsed VigRX Plus’s power to enhance sexual function.
The subjects testified about the safety of VigRX Plus!

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VigRX Plus comparison chart

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VigRX Plus

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